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Search Example: Daily Employee Reports

The following example describes how to use a complex advanced search query to see specific employee information.

For identity management purposes, you decide to generate a daily report of the user activity in JSA. The report must include information about the employee, such as their user names, their serial number, their manager, and their activities.

An employee might have multiple user names in JSA. You use the RESTful API to build a reference map that returns all associated user names to the employee's name, Global_User. For the serial number and the manager's name, you create another reference data set and add it to the reference map.

Employee activities can range from login failures to JSA tasks, such as deleting objects. These events are recorded by JSA. By specifying the frequency of the events in the map, you can gauge when suspicious activity occurs. You group the data by the employee's name and the event name, and then sort the data by the highest event frequency within a 24-hour time frame.

To see this daily report, you log in to JSA console. In the Advanced Search text box on the Log Activity tab, you type the following search query: