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Report Tab Toolbar

You can use the toolbar to perform a number of actions on reports.

The following table identifies and describes the Reports toolbar options.

Table 1: Report Toolbar Options





Manage Groups

Click Manage Groups to manage Report Groups. Using the Manage Groups feature, you can organize your reports into functional groups. You can share report groups with other users.


Click Actions to perform the following actions:

  • Create— Select this option to create a new report.

  • Edit— Select this option to edit the selected report. You can also double-click a report to edit the content.

  • Duplicate— Select this option to Duplicating a Report the selected report.

  • Assign Groups— Select this option to assign the selected report to a Assign a Report to a Group.

  • Share— Select this option to share the selected report with other users. You must have administrative privileges toSharing a Report.

  • Toggle Scheduling— Select this option to toggle the selected report to the Active or Inactive state.

  • Run Report— Select this option to Manually Generating a Report. To generate multiple reports, hold the Control key and click on the reports you want to generate.

  • Run Report on Raw Data— Select this option to generate the selected report using raw data. This option is useful when you want to generate a report before the required accumulated data is available. For example, if you want to run a weekly report before a full week has elapsed since you created the report, you can generate the report using this option.

  • Delete Report— Select this option to delete the selected report. To delete multiple reports, hold the Control key and click on the reports you want to delete.

  • Delete Generated Content— Select this option to delete all generated content for the selected rows. To delete multiple generated reports, hold the Control key and click on the generate reports you want to delete.

Hide Interactive Reports

Select this check box to hide inactive report templates. The Reports tab automatically refreshes and displays only active reports. Clear the check box to show the hidden inactive reports.

Search Reports

Type your search criteria in the Search Reports field and click the Search Reports icon. A search is run on the following parameters to determine which match your specified criteria:

  • Report Title

  • Report Description

  • Report Group

  • Report Groups

  • Report Author User Name