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Dashboard Management

Use the Dashboard tab, which is the default view when you log into JSA, to focus on specific areas of your network security. The workspace supports multiple dashboards on which you can display your views of network security, activity, or data that is collected.


Use the QRadar Pulse app for an enhanced dashboard experience. The Pulse app is included with JSA 7.4.0 and later. For more information about the Pulse app, see Pulse App Guide

You can customize your dashboard. The content that is displayed on the Dashboard tab is user-specific. Changes that are made within a session affect only your system. For example, you can make these customizations:

  • Add and remove dashboard items from your dashboards.

  • Move and position items to meet your requirements.

    When you position items, each item is automatically resized in proportion to the dashboard.

  • Add custom dashboard items that are based on any data.

    For example, you can add a dashboard item that provides a time series graph or a bar chart that represents top 10 network activity.

    To create custom items, you can create saved searches on the Log Activity tab and choose how you want the results that are represented in your dashboard. Each dashboard chart displays real-time upto-the-minute data. Time series graphs on the dashboard refresh every 5 minutes.