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Installing the UBI App Version

After you download the Red Hat Universal Base Images (UBI) app version of the QRadar Analyst Workflow from the IBM Security App Exchange, install it by using the Extensions Management page on your JSA computer.

You must have an IBM ID to access the App Exchange.


The UBI version is supported on JSA 7.4.3 Fix Pack 1 or later.


If you upgrade to JSA version 7.4.3 Fix Pack 1 or later, you must uninstall the QRadar Analyst Workflow stand-alone version before you install the UBI app version. For instructions, see Removing the Stand-Alone Version.

  1. Download the QRadar Analyst Workflow UBI app archive from the IBM Security App Exchange.

  2. On the JSA Console, click Admin > Extensions Management.

  3. In the Extension Management window, click Add and select the app archive that you want to upload to the console.

  4. Select the Install immediately checkbox.


    You might have to wait several minutes before your app becomes active.

  5. To preview the contents of an app after it is added and before it is installed, select it from the list of extensions, and click More Details. Expand the folders to view the individual content items in each group.

  6. Access the QRadar Analyst Workflow by using one of the following methods:

    • In the navigation menu, click Try the New UI.

    • Access the new UI in your browser at https://<QRadar IP address>/console/ui.

When the installation is complete, clear your browser cache and refresh the browser window before you use the app.