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Upgrading a WinCollect 7 agent to WinCollect 10

You can upgrade stand-alone WinCollect agents to WinCollect 10 from version 7.3.0 or later.

To upgrade to WinCollect 10, you must run the .msi upgrade script from an administrative command prompt.


When you upgrade your WinCollect 7.3.x agent to WinCollect 10, the installer converts your AgentConfig.xml file to the new WinCollect 10 AgentConfig.xml format. The installer also makes a backup of the 7.3.x AgentConfig.xml and places it in a patch directory under the default installation location with the date and time of the upgrade.

Use the following shortcut to open the administrative command prompt:

  1. Press Windows+R.
  2. Type cmd.
  3. Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.
    With the Administrator: Command Prompt window open, use one of the following methods to run the WinCollect 10 .msi upgrade script.