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Creating a local source

Use the WinCollect 10 Source wizard to create a Local source if the agent is installed on the local device.

  1. Click Create Source.
  2. Select or create a Source Group to keep your related sources together.
    You can edit sources in bulk that are in the same group.
  3. Select a Source Type.
    The Source Type defines the type of logs you want to collect. For example, if you want to collect standard Windows events then select Microsoft Windows Events.
  4. Configure the Source Parameters.
    Microsoft Windows Events Monitor common event channels within the Windows event logging system, including XML queries (XPath).
  5. Enable the channels that you want to collect from.
  6. Select a Destination.
    WinCollect destinations define the parameters for how the WinCollect agent forwards events and logs to an JSA appliance.

    If you select an existing destination that is disabled, the wizard enables it while configuring the source.

  7. Click Summary to view a list of the changes you made.
  8. Click Apply.