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Microsoft DHCP Server source

The Microsoft DHCP Server source monitors DHCP logs, which contain information on successful or failed lease grants, depletion of the server's IP pool, or requests for messages and their corresponding acknowledgments.

Table 1: Microsoft DHCP Server source parameters
Parameter Description
Type Microsoft DHCP Server
Root directory Default Value = C:\Windows\System32\DHCP

You no longer need to enter the UNC path for remote sources.

Log type
IPV4 Include IPV4 files with file name pattern DhcpSrvLog-*.log.
IPV6 Include IPV6 files with file name pattern DhcpV6SrvLog-*.log.
WinCollect evaluates the root log directory folder to automatically collect new DHCP events that are written to the event log. DHCP event logs start with DHCP, contain a three-character day of the week abbreviation, and end with a .log file extension. Any DHCP log files that are in the root log directory and match either an IPv4 or IPv6 DHCP log format are monitored for new events by the WinCollect agent.

Supported versions of Microsoft DHCP Server

The WinCollect Microsoft DHCP Server plug-in is not supported on versions of Microsoft DHCP Server that are designated end-of-life by Microsoft. After the software is beyond the Extended Support End Date, the product might still function as expected. However, Juniper does not make code or vulnerability fixes to resolve WinCollect issues for older software versions.