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Configuring a remote source with an update script

You can use an update script to add a remote source group, add a single remote source device, or add multiple remote source devices.

Add a remote source group

This example quickly creates a new remote source group called "Domain Workstations," specifies which channels to collect events from, specifies a credential, and sets a destination to send the events to.

You must use the Console UI to first set your credentials. This is the only way that you can create your password hash. For more information, see Adding a user account.

Add a remote source device

This example update script adds a remote source device to collect events from, adds a workstation that is named ws02.yourdomain.lab, and adds it to the same remote source group as the previous script, , using the same Domain Workstations credentials, wcservice.

The remote source group contains the values for the events to collect and the user account to use for the credentials.

Add multiple remote source devices

If you have several devices that you want to remotely poll to collect event from, you can add Device Address lines to the previous script for each of the other devices you want to collect events from.

This script adds four new remote devices to collect events from.