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Adding Multiple Destinations to WinCollect Agents

You must create the destinations that you want to add to the WinCollect agent. See Adding a Destination.

In a managed WinCollect deployment, add JSA appliances as destinations for Windows events if a JSA appliance fails.

Each destination that you create for a WinCollect agent has its own disk cache for events. If Site A fails and Site B is configured as the Target External Destination, Site B continues to receive events and Site A stores events to disk. If both sites fail, both systems are caching events independently to separate disk queues. As connections return for individual log sources, the agents attempt to balance sending new events and cached events that are queued due to either bursting events, or connection issues.

If your deployment contains many log sources by using multiple destinations, increase the default disk space. Each agent is configured with 6 GB of disk space to cache events. However, if there are 50 log sources or more, each sending to multiple destinations, and a network segment fails, each log source writes two sets of events to the same cache on the Target Internal and the Target External destination. If your deployment contains segments that are unstable or a prone to outages, update the default storage capacity of the agent in the event of a long term outage.

  1. In JSA, click the Admin tab.
  2. On the navigation menu, click Data Sources.
  3. Click the WinCollect icon.
  4. Click Agents and select the agent that you want to edit.
  5. Click Log Sources.
  6. Select the log source that you want to edit, and click Edit.
  7. Select the Target External Destinations check box.
  8. Select the destinations that you want to add to the agent from the box below the Target External Destinations check box.
  9. Click Save.