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NetApp Data ONTAP Configuration Options

Use this reference information to configure the WinCollect plug-in for NetApp ONTAP.

Table 1: NetApp Data ONTAP Parameters



Log Source Type

NetApp Data ONTAP

Protocol Configuration

WinCollect NetApp Data ONTAP

User Name

The account name that is used to log in to the Windows domain or system.


The network domain to which the user name belongs.

Target Directory

The network path to the directory where you want to monitor files. This path is not verified by Juniper Secure Analytics (JSA) user interface. Ensure that you type a valid Windows UNC path that is shared by the NetApp appliance.

Polling Interval

The amount of time between queries to the remote directory for new event log files. Even though the remote device does not generate new files in a period of less than 60 seconds, the optimal polling interval is less than 60 seconds. This practice ensures that the collection of files resumes when WinCollect is restarted.

WinCollect Agent

The WinCollect Agent that you want to use to collect NetApp Data ONTAP events.

Version and File Type Support

  • Version:

    • NetApp Data ONTAP 8.x

    • NetApp Data ONTAP 9.x

  • Filetype:

    • Windows Event Log (EVT) and (EVTX)