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Investigating High Risk Assets and Vulnerabilities

In JSA Vulnerability Manager, you can investigate high risk vulnerabilities that might be susceptible to exploitation.

  1. Click the Vulnerabilities tab.
  2. In the navigation pane, click Manage Vulnerabilities.
  3. On the By Vulnerability Instances page, click the Risk Score column heading to sort the vulnerabilities by risk score.
  4. To investigate the CVSS metrics that are used to derive the risk score, hover your mouse on the Risk Score field.
  5. Identify the vulnerability that has the highest score and click the Vulnerability link.
  6. In the Vulnerability Details window, investigate the vulnerability:
    1. To view the Juniper Networks Security Systems website, click the X-Force link.

    2. To view the National Vulnerability Database website, click the CVE link.

      The Juniper Networks Security Systems website and National Vulnerability Database provide remediation information and details on how a vulnerability might affect your organization.

    3. To open the Patching window for the vulnerability, click the Plugin Details link. Use the tabs to discover Oval Definition, Windows Knowledge Base, or UNIX advisory information about the vulnerability. This feature provides information on how JSA Vulnerability Manager checks for vulnerability details during a patch scan. You can use it to identify why a vulnerability was raised on an asset or why it was not.

    4. The Solution text box contains detailed information about how to remediate a vulnerability.