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Vulnerability Instances

In JSA Vulnerability Manager, you can display the vulnerabilities on each of the scanned assets in your network. Each vulnerability might be listed multiple times because the vulnerability exists on several of your assets.

If you configure third-party vulnerability assessment (VA) scanners, by using the JSAAdmin tab, then the vulnerabilities that are detected are automatically displayed in the By Vulnerability Instances page.

For more information about VA scanners, see the Juniper Secure Analytics Administration Guide for your product.

The By Vulnerability Instances page provides the following information:

  • A view of every vulnerability that was detected by scanning your network assets.

  • The risk that each vulnerability poses to the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

  • The risk that a vulnerability poses to your organization. Click the Risk Score column to identify the highest risk vulnerabilities.

  • The name or email address of the user that is assigned to remediate the vulnerability.

  • The numbers of days in which a vulnerability must be remediated.