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Juniper Profiler NSM Scanner Overview

JSA can collect vulnerability data from the PostgreSQL database on the Juniper Profiler NSM scanner by polling for data with JDBC.

The Network and Security Manager (NSM) console passively collects valuable asset information from your network through deployed Juniper Networks IDP sensors. JSA connects to the Profiler database stored on the NSM server to retrieve these records. The JSA server must have access to the Profiler database. JSA supports NSM versions 2007.1r2, 2007.2r2, 2008.1r2, 2009r1.1, and 2010.x. For more information, see your vendor documentation. To collect data from the PostgreSQL database, JSA must have access to the Postgres database port through TCP port 5432. Access is provided in the pg_hba.conf file, which is located in /var/netscreen/DevSvr/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf on the system that hosts the Juniper NSM Profiler.

To add a Juniper NSM Profiler scanner, seeAdding a Juniper NSM Profiler Scanner.