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Enable WMI for Microsoft SCCM Scanners

Before you can configure a Microsoft SCCM scanner, you must configure your system DCOM settings for each host that you want to monitor.

The scanner host must meet the following conditions:

  • You are a member of the Read-only Analyst Role on that host.

  • One of the following operating systems is installed:

    • Windows 7

    • Windows 2008

    • Windows 2008 R2

    • Windows 2012

    • Windows 2012 R2 (only 64 bit is supported)

    • Vista software


    SCCM is not supported on versions of Windows that were moved to End of Life by Microsoft. If a software version date is beyond the Extended Support End Date, the product might not function as expected. Juniper does not make code or vulnerability fixes to resolve issues for older operating systems. For example, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 and Microsoft Windows XP are operating systems that are beyond the Extended Support End Date. Any questions about this announcement can be discussed in the JSA forums. For more information about support lifecycles, see the Microsoft Support lifecycle website (

  • DCOM is configured and enabled.

    If a firewall is installed on the host or is located between the host and JSA, such as a hardware or other intermediary firewall, the firewall must be configured to allow DCOM communication. Configure the firewall to allow port 135 to be accessible on the host, and allow DCOM ports. DCOM ports are random ports above 1024. Depending on your version of Windows, you might need to configure specific ports to be accessible to DCOM. For more information, see your Windows documentation.

  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is enabled.

  • The remote registry service is activated.