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Customizing User Preferences

Customizable user preferences include color themes, table row height options, and MITRE ATT&CK platform support. Themes control the background color display for QRadar Use Case Manager. Table row height options reduce empty white space to control the amount of data you can display in a table. Platform support affects MITRE ATT&CK visualizations, and the contents of related filter controls.

  1. From the QRadar Use Case Manager menu, click Settings > User Preferences.
  2. Select either a light or dark theme.
  3. Select from the following height options for the table row: Compact, Short, Tall, or None. The default setting is Short.

    To see as much data as possible on the screen, choose Compact.

  4. Set the selected platforms and the contents of related filter controls to filter the Detected in timeframe and the Coverage map MITRE reports.

    By default, the Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms are supported. Changing the platform selection affects the tactic count in the heat maps, the tactic and technique selection in the filters, and the MITRE ATT&CK Mappings edit page. For more information, see

QRadar saves your preferences so they remain in effect each time you log in.