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Disk Storage Not Accessible Error

Each host in your JSA deployment monitors the availability of partitions. Disk availability is tested every minute by opening a file, writing to it, and deleting it.

If the disk availability test takes longer than the default 5 seconds, then the host context process reports an error in the JSA logs. An error might also occur when the JSA system experiences high load and large volumes of data are written, searched, purged, or copied to another system.

The error might resemble the following output:

If the message is displayed repeatedly, then verify the problem. For more information, see Verifying Partition Storage Problem.

Verifying Partition Storage Problem

You verify a partition storage problem by creating a temporary file on the JSA Console or a managed host.

Verify that the partition storage problem is not caused by external storage that is slow or unavailable.

  1. Use SSH to log in JSA console.

  2. Create a test by typing the following commands:

    touch /store/backup/testfile

    ls -la /store/backup/testfile

  3. If one of the following two messages is displayed, increase the partition test timeout period.

    • touch: cannot touch `/store/backup/testfile': Read-only file system

    • nfs server time out

    1. Click the Admin tab.

    2. On the System Configuration menu, click System Settings >Advanced.

    3. In the Partition Tester Timeout (seconds) list box, select or type 20.

    4. Click Save.

  4. Choose one of the following options:

    • If you use a network file system, such as iSCSI, or Network File System (NFS), then contact your storage administrator to verify that the file servers are accessible and operational.

    • If you use a local file system, then you might have a file system issue or a failed disk.