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App Host Migration Error

If an error occurs when migrating apps from an app host, you can force the migration of the apps to the JSA Console.

An error can occur during the app migration process when there is a problem stopping the apps on the source host or the source host cannot be contacted. If this error occurs, you can use the following steps to force the migration of the apps back to the console and remove the app host.


All data stored in the apps will be lost during this forced migration.

  1. If an error occurs during the app migration process, click Click to change where apps are run.

    A warning panel appears.

  2. If you want to continue the forced migration and lose all app data, click Continue.

    A second warning panel appears.

  3. To complete the forced app migration, click Continue.

    Apps are migrated to the Console, and all app data is lost. The app host is removed from JSA.