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Configuring a Credential Set

SUMMARY In JSA Vulnerability Manager, you can create a credential set for the assets in your network. During a scan, if a scan tool requires the credentials for a Linux, UNIX, or Windows operating system, the credentials are automatically passed to the scan tool from the credential set.

  1. On the navigation menu, click Admin.
  2. In the System Configuration pane, click Centralized Credentials.
  3. In the Centralized Credentials window, on the toolbar, click Add.

    To configure a credential set, the only mandatory field in the Credential Set window is the Name field.

  4. In the Credential Set window, click the Assets tab.
  5. Type a CIDR range for the assets that you want to specify credentials for and click Add.

    Users must have network access permissions that are granted in their security profile for an IP address or CIDR address range that they use or create credentials for in Centralized Credentials.

  6. Click the Linux/Unix, Windows, or Network Devices (SNMP) tabs, then type your credentials.
  7. Click Save.