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Visualizing Connection Data in Time Series Charts

SUMMARY Time series charts are graphical representations of your connections over time: peaks and valleys that display, depict high and low connection activity. They are useful for short-term and long-term trending of data, and you can access, navigate, and investigate connections from various perspectives.

If you previously saved a search to be the default, the results for that saved search display on the Connections page. If that search included Group By options that are selected in the Advanced View Definitions box, the Time Series chart is not available. You must clear the search criteria before you can continue.
Tip: If you use an Adblock Plus browser extension with a Mozilla Firefox web browser, the charts might not display properly. For the charts to display, you must remove the Adblock Plus browser extension. For more information about removing add-ons, see your web browser documentation.
  1. Click the Risks tab.
  2. On the navigation menu, click Connections, and in the charts pane, click the Settings icon.
  3. From the Chart Type list, select Time Series.
  4. From the interactive time series charts, browse through a timeline to investigate connections.
  5. To refresh the information in the graph, click Update Details.
  6. View time series charts by using one of the following methods:
    Function Use
    View connections in greater detail

    Using the zoom feature, you can investigate smaller time segments of the connections.

    • Move your mouse pointer over the chart, and then use your mouse wheel to magnify the chart (roll the mouse wheel up).

    • Highlight the area of the chart you want to magnify. When you release your mouse button, the chart displays a smaller time segment. Now you can click and drag the chart to scan the chart.

    When you magnify a time series chart, the chart refreshes to display a smaller time segment.

    View a larger time span of connections Using the zoom feature, you can investigate larger time segments or return to the maximum time range.
    Scan the chart When you magnify a time series chart, you can click and drag the chart to the left or right to scan the timeline.