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Importing Multiple Devices from a CSV File

SUMMARY Use Device Import to add a list of adapters and their network IP addresses to the Configuration Source Manager in JSA Risk Manager by using a comma-separated value file (.CSV). You can easily import a principal device list or a bulk upload to Configuration Source Management by using a CSV file.

If you import a list of devices and then alter an IP address in the CSV file, then you might accidentally duplicate a device in the Configuration Source Management list. For this reason, delete a device from Configuration Source Management before you reimport your principal device list.

  1. Click the Admin tab.
  2. Click Apps, and in the Apps section, click Device Import.
  3. Click Browse.
  4. Locate your CSV file and click Open.
    The device import list can contain up to 5000 devices, but the list must contain one line for each adapter and its associated IP address in the import file.
    For example,


    <Adapter::Name> contains the manufacturer and device name, such as Cisco::IOS.

    <IP Address> contains the IP address of the device, such as

    Here's an example of a CSV file that lists the devices to import into the Configuration Source Manager in JSA Risk Manager:

  5. Click Import Devices.

If an error occurs, then you need to review your CSV file to correct errors, and reimport the file. If the device list is structured incorrectly, or if the device list contains incorrect information, an import of the CSV file might fail. For example, your CSV file might be missing colons or a command, multiple devices might be on a single line, or an adapter name might have a typographical error.

If the device import fails, then no devices from the CSV file are added to Configuration Source Management.