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Exporting Policy Monitor Questions

SUMMARY You can export one or more of your Policy Monitor questions to an XML file. Exporting Policy Monitor questions is useful for backing up your questions or for sharing questions with other users.

If any Policy Monitor questions contain dependencies, then you can provide more context about the type of information that is contained in the dependency.

The default XML file name for the exported questions is policy_monitor_questions_export.xml.

  1. On the Risks tab, click Policy Monitor.
  2. Choose one of the following options:
    • To export all questions, from the Actions menu, select Export All.
    • To export specific questions, press the Ctrl key to select each question that you want to export, and then from the Actions menu, select Export Selected.
  3. If any questions contain dependencies, click the parameter link to type more specific information. The maximum character length for this field is 255.
  4. Click Export Questions.

A default file, called policy_monitor_questions_export.xml, is exported to your download directory.