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Configuring System Settings

SUMMARY To get your JSA security system up and running or to maintain your system, you must configure your JSA Console and managed hosts system settings from the System Information window.

Assign roles for network interfaces, bond interfaces, manage licenses, configure the email server that you want JSA to use, and use the local firewall to manage access from external devices to JSA.

If you need to make network configuration changes, such as an IP address change to your JSA Console and managed host systems after you install your JSA deployment, use the qchange_netsetup utility. If you use qchange_netsetup, verify all external storage which is not/store/ariel or /store is not mounted. For more information about network settings, see the Juniper Secure Analytics Risk Manager Installation Guide.

If you change the External Flow Source Monitoring Port parameter in the Flow Processor configuration, you must also update your firewall access configuration.

  1. Click the Admin tab.
  2. In the System Configuration section, click the System and License Management icon.
  3. From the Display menu, select Systems.
  4. Select the relevant host.
  5. From the Actions menu, click View and Manage System.
    You can right-click the selected host to access this menu option, or you can double-click the host to open the Systems Information window.
  6. To configure your local firewall to allow access to this host from specified devices outside of your JSA deployment, click the Firewall tab.
    1. Configure access for devices that are outside of your deployment and need to connect to this host.
    2. Add this access rule by clicking the arrow.
  7. To configure network interfaces on your JSA system, click the Network Interfaces tab.
    1. Select a network interface from the Device column.
    2. To edit your network interfaces, click Edit, and then configure the parameters.
    3. To bond network interfaces, click Bond, and then configure the parameters.

    For more information about configuring network interfaces, see the Juniper Secure Analytics Administration Guide.


    You can't edit a network interface with a management, HA crossover, or secondary role.

  8. To configure an email server to distribute alerts, reports, notifications, and event messages, click the Email Server tab.
    1. In the Email Server Address field, type the hostname or IP address of the email server that you want to use.
    2. If you don't have an email server and you want to use the email server that JSA provides, type localhost to provide local email processing.
    3. If you configure the mail server setting as localhost, then the mail messages do not leave the JSA box. If you want external mail delivery, use a valid mail relay server.
      Tip: It is a good practice to use port 25 for the email server connection.
  9. Click Save.