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Configuring Credentials for JSA Risk Manager

SUMMARY Administrators must configure credentials to allow JSA Risk Manager to connect to devices in the network.

You can configure credentials, protocols, and schedules in the Configuration monitor in JSA 7.4.1, fix pack 1 and later. For previous versions of JSA, see Network Device Management. For more information on this change, see Juniper Secure Analytics Risk Manager: Adobe Flash End of Life and Changes to Configuration Source Management (CSM).

  1. On the Risk tab, click Configuration Monitor.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Credentials.
  3. Select Add from the toolbar.
  4. Type a Name for the new credentials.
  5. In the Address Sets section, click Add.
  6. In the Add Address field, type the IP address or CIDR range that you want to apply to the network group, then click OK.
    Tip: You can type an IP address range by using a dash or wildcard (*) to indicate a range, such as or 1.1.1*. If you type 1.1.1.*, all IP addresses that meet that requirement are included.
  7. In the Credential Sets pane, click Add.
  8. Type a name for the new credential set, configure values for the parameters, and then click Save.
    Tip: After you create your credential sets, select a credential set and click Increase Priority or Decrease Priority to adjust the order you want the credential sets to be used.