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Saving Asset Search Criteria

SUMMARY On the Asset tab, you can save configured search criteria so that you can reuse the criteria. Saved search criteria does not expire.

  1. Click the Assets tab.
  2. On the navigation menu, click Asset Profiles.
  3. Perform a search.
  4. Click Save Criteria .
  5. Enter values for the parameters:
    Parameter Description
    Enter the name of this search Type the unique name that you want to assign to this search criteria.
    Manage Groups Click Manage Groups to manage search groups. This option is only displayed if you have administrative permissions.
    Assign Search to Group(s) Select the check box for the group you want to assign this saved search. If you do not select a group, this saved search is assigned to the Other group by default.
    Include in my Quick Searches Select this check box to include this search in your Quick Search list box, which is on the Assets tab toolbar.
    Set as Default Select this check box to set this search as your default search when you access the Assets tab.
    Share with Everyone Select this check box to share these search requirements with all users.