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Protocol Configuration for Network Devices

SUMMARY For JSA Risk Manager to communicate with devices, you must define the communication method (protocol) required for your network devices.

You can configure credentials, protocols, and schedules in the Configuration monitor in JSA 7.4.1, fix pack 1 and later. For previous versions of JSA, see Network Device Management. For more information on this change, see Juniper Secure Analytics Risk Manager: Adobe Flash End of Life and Changes to Configuration Source Management (CSM).

JSA Risk Manager provides default protocol configuration for your system. You can define protocols to allow JSA Risk Manager to obtain and update device configuration. Many network environments have different communication protocols of different types or functions of the device. For example, a router might use a different protocol than the firewalls in the network. For a list of supported protocols by device manufacturer, see the Juniper Secure Analytics Risk Manager Adapter Configuration Guide.

JSA Risk Manager uses protocol sets to define groups of protocols for a set of devices that require a specific communication protocol. You can assign devices to network groups, which allows you to group protocol sets and address sets for your devices.

Protocol sets are a named set of protocols for a set of devices that require specific protocol credentials.

Address sets are IP addresses that define the network group.