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Network Links

SUMMARY Network links connect your core network to network branches that are not directly connected to your network or that you don't control directly.

Use network links in JSA Risk Manager to address gaps in your network topology diagram. Network links are used where the true connection is through network equipment that can't be directly modeled in the normal JSA Risk Manager way. For example, network links display the WAN connectivity between your core and branch networks that uses equipment that is owned by your network service provider when JSA Risk Manager can't retrieve the configuration.

You can also use network links to connect to disparate network sites that you're responsible for, but are owned by another corporate or government entity. For example, you can create a network links topology entry to represent a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) backbone that is controlled by your network service provider.

After you create network links to connect the branches in the topology, you can run path searches that show network paths across the links.