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Reinstall JSA Risk Manager from the Recovery Partition

When you reinstall JSA Risk Manager from the JSA console ISO on the recovery partition, your system is restored back to factory default configuration. This means that your current configuration and data files are overwritten.

This information applies to new JSA Risk Manager installations or upgrades from new JSA Risk Manager on JSA Risk Manager appliances. When you install JSA Risk Manager, the installer (JSA console ISO) is copied into the recovery partition. From this partition, you can reinstall JSA Risk Manager, which restores JSA Risk Manager to factory defaults.


If you upgrade your software after you install JSA Risk Manager, then the ISO file is replaced with the newer version.

When you reboot your JSA Risk Manager appliance, you are presented with the option to reinstall the software. Since JSA console and JSA Risk Manager use the same ISO installation file, the JSA console ISO name displays.

If you do not respond to the prompt after 5 seconds, the system reboots as normal, which maintains your configuration and data files. If you choose to reinstall JSA console ISO, a warning message is displayed and you must confirm that you want to reinstall the software. After confirmation, the installer runs and you can follow the prompts through the installation process.

After a hard disk failure, you cannot reinstall from the recovery partition because it is no longer available. If you experience a hard disk failure, contact Juniper Customer Support for assistance.