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Network Insights Use Cases

SUMMARY Network Insights provides in-depth visibility into network communications and application content to empower Juniper Secure Analytics to detect threat activity. You can use Network Insights to detect and analyze malware, phishing, insider threats, lateral movement attacks, data exfiltration, and compliance gaps.

Malware Detection and Analysis

Malware frequently morphs to avoid detection. You can use Network Insights to detect malware based on file hashes and file activity, and observe and analyze artifacts such as:

  • Names
  • Properties
  • Movement
  • Suspicious content

Phishing Email and Campaign Detection

Phishing can hide in plain sight by disguising its activity within the volumes of normal emails. You can prepare for and react to malicious emails by using Network Insights to analyze:
  • Sources
  • Targets
  • Subject
  • Content

Insider Threats

You can integrate Network Insights with the User Behavior Analytics app to improve threat detection. Use the Network Insights analytics to recognize:
  • High-risk users
  • Potential targets of phishing
  • Negative sentiment
  • Suspicious behaviors

Lateral Movement Attack Detection

Network Insights can trace anomalous communications:
  • Reconnaissance
  • Data transfers
  • Rogue and malicious actors

Data Exfiltration Protection

Data can be exfiltrated through many methods. Use Network Insights to identify and track suspicious files such as:
  • DNS abnormalities
  • Sensitive content
  • Aberrant connections
  • Aliases

Identify Compliance Gaps

Network Insights allows for continuous monitoring of enterprise, industry, and regulatory compliance.