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Prerequisites for Installing Network Insights on your Own Appliance

SUMMARY  Before you install Network Insights on your own appliance, ensure that you follow these installation guidelines and that your hardware meets the system requirements.

Installation Requirements

Follow these guidelines when installing Network Insights software on your own appliance:

  • You must acquire entitlement to a JSA Software Node for a Network Insights software installation.

    To acquire entitlement to a JSA Software Node, contact your Juniper Sales Representative.

  • Do not install software other than Network Insights on your hardware.

    Unapproved RPM installations can cause dependency errors when you upgrade Network Insights software and can also cause performance issues in your deployment.

  • Do not update your operating system or packages before or after Network Insights installation.

Minimum System Requirements

The following table describes the system requirements for Network Insights software installations:


Resizing logical volumes is not supported.

Table 1: Minimum System Requirements for Network Insights Software Installations




14C / 28T

The system must use either Intel Westmere or AMD Bulldozer processors.

Virtualization hardware extensions such as Intel VT or AMD-V must be enabled in the BIOS. This requirement does not apply to the following systems:

  • Appliances that have a Napatech card.

  • Virtual hosts such as EC2 instances and VMware guests.


Capacity: 480 GB

IOPS: 300

Data transfer rate (MB/s): 300

Memory (RAM)

64 GB

If a memory upgrade is required, you must upgrade it before you install Network Insights.

Network management cards One of the following network interface cards:
  • Napatech NT40E3
  • Intel x520
  • Intel x710

Maximum of one capture card per host.