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What's new for installers in Network Insights 7.5.0

For installers, JSA Network Insights 7.5.0 includes improvements to network inspection performance, and data segmentation and aggregation.

Performance improvements for the Network Insights 6500 appliance

JSA Network Insights 7.5.0 Update Pack 1 software and virtual appliance installations (appliance type 6500) now use the DPDK library to capture network traffic on appliances that use one of the following network interfaces:

  • Intel x520
  • Intel x710
  • VMware vmxnet3

The DPDK library provides better performance than the PF_RING library that is used in earlier versions of Network Insights. Network interface cards that DPDK uses are not visible to the operating system. You must use DPDK utilities to work with these interfaces.

Napatech-based appliances use a different library to process network data, so they are not affected by this change.

Data aggregation and segmentation

JSA Network Insights 7.5.0 includes improvements to the way that data is segmented and aggregated.

Flows that are received through any supported network interface on the same Non-Uniform Memory Architecture (NUMA) node are now aggregated together when the following properties match:

  • IP address
  • Ports (TCP/UDP)
  • Protocol
  • VLAN IDs
  • VXLAN Identifier

Network inspection performance

The network inspection performance at the basic and enriched inspection levels is increased in JSA Network Insights 7.5.0.


System performance and data throughput depend on many factors, including the amount of multiprogramming in the job stream, I/O configuration, storage configuration, and the workload volume that is processed. Individual performance improvements are not guaranteed.