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Nortel Contivity

A JSA Nortel Contivity DSM records all relevant Nortel Contivity events by using syslog.

Before you configure JSA to integrate with a Nortel Contivity device, take the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Nortel Contivity command-line interface (CLI).
  2. Type the following command:

    enable <password>

    Where <password> is the Nortel Contivity device administrative password.

  3. Type the following command:

    config t

  4. Configure the logging information:

    logging <IP address> facility-filter all level all

    Where <IP address> is the IP address of the JSA.

  5. Type the following command to exit the command-line:


    Next you will need to configure JSA to receive events from a Nortel Contivity device.

  6. You can now configure the log source in JSA. From the Log Source Type list, select the Nortel Contivity VPN Switch

    For more information about your Nortel Contivity device, see your vendor documentation.