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Configuring Event Forwarding for Open LDAP

You can configure syslog forwarding for Open LDAP:

  1. Log in to the command-line interface for your Open LDAP server.
  2. Edit the following file:


  3. Add the following information to the syslog configuration file:

    <facility>@<IP address>


    <facility> is the syslog facility, for example local4.

    <IP address> is the IP address of your JSA console or Event Collector.

    For example,


    If your Open LDAP server stores event messages in a directory other than/var/log/messages, you must edit the directory path.

  4. Save the syslog configuration file.
  5. Type the following command to restart the syslog service:

    /etc/init.d/syslog restart

    The configuration for Open LDAP is complete. UDP multiline events that are forwarded to JSA are displayed on the Log Activity tab.