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Log Source Extension Management

You can create log source extensions to extend or modify the parsing routines of specific devices.

A log source extension is an XML file that includes all of the regular expression patterns that are required to identify and categorize events from the event payload. Extension files can be used to parse events when you must correct a parsing issue or you must override the default parsing for an event from a DSM. When a DSM does not exist to parse events for an appliance or security device in your network, an extension can provide event support. The Log Activity tab identifies log source events in these basic types:

  • Log sources that properly parse the event. Properly parsed events are assigned to the correct log source type and category. In this case, no intervention or extension is required.

  • Log sources that parse events, but have a value Unknown in the Log Source parameter. Unknown events are log source events where the log source type is identified, but the payload information cannot be understood by the DSM. The system cannot determine an event identifier from the available information to properly categorize the event. In this case, the event can be mapped to a category or a log source extension can be written to repair the event parsing for unknown events.

  • Log sources that cannot identify the log source type and have a value of Stored event in the Log Source parameter. Stored events require you to update your DSM files or write a log source extension to properly parse the event. After the event parses, you can then map the events.

Before you can add a log source extension, you must create the extension document. The extension document is an XML document that you can create with any common word processing or text editing application. Multiple extension documents can be created, uploaded, and associated with various log source types. The format of the extension document must conform to a standard XML schema document (XSD). To develop an extension document, knowledge of and experience with XML coding is required.