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App Host

An App Host is a managed host that is dedicated to running apps. App Hosts provide extra storage, memory, and CPU resources for your apps without impacting the processing capacity of your JSA Console. Apps such as User Behavior Analytics with Machine Learning Analytics require more resources than are currently available on the Console.

App Host information

The following list describes information about App Hosts:

  • The App Host was added in JSA 7.3.2 to replace the deprecated App Node.

  • You cannot upgrade to JSA 7.3.2 or later with an App Node in your deployment.

  • You can only have one App Host per deployment.

  • You can run all of your apps on an App Host, or on the Console. It's not possible to run some apps on the App Host and some others on the Console.

  • Port 5000 must be open on your Console.

App Host specifications

The following table shows the minimum requirements and suggested specifications for an App Host.


*The suggested specifications for medium and large sized deployments haven't been tested. If you are using some of the larger apps, such as the Pulse Dashboard or User Behavior Analytics with Machine Learning, the minimum requirements are probably insufficient. Consider upgrading your deployment environment.

Table 1: App Host Specifications

CPU cores


Disk Space




12 GB

256 GB

Minimum requirements for an App Host. You can run most apps with the minimum requirements, but not larger apps such as JSA DNS Analyzer and User Behavior Analytics with Machine Learning.


12 or more

64 GB or more

500 GB or more

*You can run all apps that exist today, but this specification does not give you room for future apps.


24 or more

128 GB or more

1 TB or more

*You can run all apps that exist today and you would have room for future apps.