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Managing Authorized Services

You can configure authorized services on the Admin tab to authenticate an API call for your JSA deployment.

The JSA RESTful API uses authorized services to authenticate API calls to the JSA console. You can add or revoke an authorized service at any time. For more information about the RESTful API, see the Juniper Secure Analytics API Guide.

The Manage Authorized Services window provides the following information:

Table 1: Parameters for Authorized Services



Service Name

The name of the authorized service.

Authorized By

The name of the user or administrator that authorized the addition of the service.

Authentication Token

The token that is associated with this authorized service.

User Role

The user role that is associated with this authorized service.

Security Profile

The security profile that is associated with this authorized service.


The date that this authorized service was created.


The date and time that the authorized service expires. By default, the authorized service is valid for 30 days.