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Include Milliseconds in Event Log Timestamp

In a stand-alone WinCollect deployment, you can include milliseconds in the timestamp for Event Logs.


This option is only compatible in a stand-alone WinCollect deployment that uses the MSEVEN6 protocol. It is not supported by the MSEVEN protocol.

The TimeGenerated and TimeWritten payload fields in the Event Logs use seconds by default. You can set the Timestamp Properties to use milliseconds in the Microsoft Windows Event Log Properties node of the WinCollect Configuration Console.


This is an Agent-level change that is set for all log sources.

Alternatively, you can change the property as part of the command line installation, using this parameter: &Component1.TimestampFormat=Milliseconds. You can also use a template to change the attribute in the AgentConfig.xml file. For more information, see Changing configuration with Templates in a Stand-alone Deployment.