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Viewing the Status Of a Vulnerability Scan

The Scan Schedule window provides administrators a status view for when each scanner is scheduled to collect vulnerability assessment data for asset in the network.

The name of each scan is displayed, along with the CIDR range, port or port range, priority, status, and next run time.

Table 1: Scan Schedule Status

Column name


VA Scanner

Displays the name of the schedule scan.


Displays the CIDR address ranges that are included in the vulnerability data import when the scan schedule starts.


Displays the port ranges that are included in the vulnerability data import when the scan schedule starts.

Scan schedules are capable of starting a remote scan on a remote vulnerability appliance for specific vendors. For example, NMap or Nessus, or Nessus Scan Results Importer, then the ports listed in the Ports column are the ports contained in the scan.

For most scanners, the port range is not considered when requesting asset information from a scanner.

For example, nCircle IP360 and Qualys scanners report vulnerabilities on all ports, but require you to specify what port information to pull from the full report for display in the user interface.


Displays the priority of the scan.

Scans schedules with a high priority are queued above in priority and run before low priority scans.


Displays the current status of the scan. Each status field contains unique information about the scan status.

  • New scans can be edited until the state changes.

  • Pending scans must wait for another scan to complete.

  • In progress scans provide a percentage complete with tooltip information about the data import.

  • Completed scans provide a summary of the vulnerabilities imported or any partial imports of data that occurred.

  • Failed scans provide an error message on why the vulnerabilities failed to import.

Last Finish Time

Displays the last time the scan successfully imported vulnerability records for the schedule.

Next Run Time

Displays the next time the scan is scheduled to import vulnerability data. Scan schedules that display Never in the user interface are one time scans.

  1. Click the Admin tab.
  2. Click the Schedule VA Scanners icon.
  3. Review the Status column to determine the status of your log sources.

    The status column for each scanner provides a status message about each successful vulnerability import or failure.