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Customizing Report Content Templates

IBM QRadar Use Case Manager includes several predefined content templates that define the filters and columns of the rule reports, including column order and sorting options. You can also create custom templates by using an existing template and modify it as necessary, or create new ones.

  1. Optional: Select a template that resembles the template you want to create.
  2. Select the relevant filters in the Filters pane and click Apply.
  3. To modify the column settings, click the gear icon. Change the column selection and order as needed and then click Apply to change the display.
  4. Click Select a template >Add custom template.
  5. Type a Name and Description for the template.
  6. Choose whether to set the template as your default. The default template is applied when you open the app and no other template is selected.
  7. Click OK.

Custom report templates include the number of items per page in the rule report.