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Deploy JSA Risk Manager

Your JSA Risk Manager appliance is installed with the latest version of JSA Risk Manager software.

You must install the JSA Risk Manager evaluation appliance. The software requires activation and you must assign an IP address to the JSA Risk Manager appliance.

The appliance is ready to accept information from your network devices.

For information about using JSA Risk Manager, see the Juniper Secure Analytics Risk Manager User Guide.

To deploy JSA Risk Manager in your environment, you must:

  1. Ensure that the latest version of JSA is installed.

  2. Ensure all pre-installation requirements are met.

  3. Set-up and power on your JSA Risk Manager appliance.

  4. Install the JSA Risk Manager plug-in on your JSA console.

  5. Establish communication between JSA and the JSA Risk Manager appliance.

  6. Define user roles for your JSA Risk Manager users.