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Oracle Enterprise Manager

The JSA DSM for Oracle Enterprise Manager collects events from an Oracle Enterprise Manager device. The Real-time Monitoring Compliance feature of Oracle Enterprise Manager generates the events.

The following table lists the specifications for the Oracle Enterprise Manager DSM:

Table 1: Oracle Enterprise Manager DSM Specifications





DSM name

Oracle Enterprise Manager

RPM file name

DSM-OracleEnterprise Manager-JSA_version-Buildbuild_number .noarch.rpm

Supported versions

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c



Recorded event types



Automatically discovered?


Includes identity?


Includes custom properties?


More information

Oracle Enterprise Manager (

The original format of the events are rows in an Oracle Enterprise Manager database view (sysman.mgmt$ccc_all_observations). JSA polls this view for new rows and uses them to generate events. For more information, see Compliance Views (

To collect events from Oracle Enterprise Manager, complete the following steps:

  1. If automatic updates are not enabled, download and install the most recent version of the Oracle Enterprise Manager DSM RPM on your JSA Console.

  2. Ensure that the Oracle Enterprise Manager system is configured to accept connections from external devices.

  3. Add an Oracle Enterprise Manager log source on the JSA Console. The following table describes the parameters that require specific values for Oracle Enterprise Manager event collection:

    Table 2: Oracle Enterprise Manager Log Source Parameters



    Log Source Name

    Type a unique name for the log source.

    Log Source Description (Optional)

    Type a description for the log source.

    Log Source type

    Oracle Enterprise Manager

    Protocol Configuration


    Database Type


    Database Name

    The Service Name of Oracle Enterprise Manager database.

    To view the available service names, run the lsnrctl status command on the Oracle host.

    IP or Hostname

    The IP address or host name of host for Oracle Enterprise Manager database.


    The port that is used by the Oracle Enterprise Manager database.


    The user name of the account that has right to access the sysman.mgmt$ccc_all_observations table.


    The password that is required to connect to the database.

    Predefined Query (Optional)


    Table Name


    Select List


    Compare Field


    Use Prepared Statements


    Start Date and Time (Optional)

    Type the start date and time for database polling in the following format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm with HH specified by using a 24-hour clock. If the start date or time is clear, polling begins immediately and repeats at the specified polling interval.

    Polling Interval

    Enter the amount of time between queries to the event table. To define a longer polling interval, append H for hours or M for minutes to the numeric value.

    The maximum polling interval is one week.

    EPS Throttle

    The number of Events Per Second (EPS) that you do not want this protocol to exceed. The valid range is 100 - 20,000.

    Use Oracle Encryption

    Oracle Encryption and Data Integrity settings is also known as Oracle Advanced Security.

    If selected, Oracle JDBC connections require the server to support similar Oracle Data Encryption settings as the client.