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BeyondTrust PowerBroker Sample Event Messages

Use this sample event messages as a way of verifying a successful integration with JSA.

The following table provides a sample event message for the BeyondTrust PowerBroker DSM:

Table 1: BeyondTrust PowerBroker Sample Syslog Message

Event name

Low level category

Sample log message

Finish pbrun terminated


<14>Feb 15 13:23:09 qradar4292 DEVICETYPE = PowerBroker EVENTID = PB EVENTCAT = unknown DDATE = USER = SRC = DST = EVENT_HEADER = ac15208e4eaddff b1BB002 Finish pbrun terminated: signal 1 (Hangup) unknown signal code event = "Finish" exitdate = "2011/10/30" exitstatus = "pbrun terminated: signal 1 (Hangup) unknown signal code" exittime = "21:01:49" i18n_exitdate = "10/30/11 " i18n_exittime = "21:01:49" logpid = 22085786 uniqueid = "ac15208e4eaddffb1BB002