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Ariel Query Language in the JSA User Interface

Using AQL can help enhance advanced searches and provide specific results.

When you use AQL queries, you can display data from all across JSA in the Log Activity or Network Activity tabs.

To use AQL in the search fields, consider the following functions:

  • In the search fields on the Log Activity or Network Activity tabs, type Ctrl + Space to see the full list of AQL functions, fields, and keywords.

  • Ctrl + Enter helps you create multiline AQL queries in the user interface, which makes the queries more readable.

  • By using the copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) keyboard commands, you can copy directly to and from the Advanced search field.


    Ensure that you use appropriate quotation marks when you copy queries to the search field.

The AQL categories are listed with the entered component in the user interface.

The following table lists and explains the different categories:

Table 1: Ariel Query Language categories




The name of an Ariel database, or table, that you can query. The database is either events or flows.


Typically core SQL clauses. For example, SELECT, OR, NULL, NOT, AS, ASC (ascending), and more.


Indicates basic information that you can query from the database. Examples include Access intent, VPC ID, and domainid.


The name of a function that is used to call in more information. Functions work on all fields and databases. Examples of functions include DATEFORMAT, HOSTNAME, and LOWER.