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Store and Forward Overview

The Store and Forward feature is supported on the Event Collector 1501 and Event Collector 1590. For more information about these appliances, see the Juniper Secure Analytics Hardware Guide.

A dedicated Event Collector does not process events and it does not include an on-board Event Processor. By default, a dedicated Event Collector continuously forwards events to an Event Processor that you must connect using the Deployment Editor. The Store and Forward feature allows you to schedule a time range for when you want the Event Collector to forward events. During the period of time when events are not forwarding, the events are stored locally on the appliance and are not accessible using the Console user interface.

This scheduling feature allows you to store events during your business hours and then forward the events to an Event Processor during periods of time when the transmission does not negatively affect your network bandwidth. For example, you can configure an Event Collector to only forward events to an Event Processor during non-business hours, such as midnight until 6 AM.