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Viewing Syslog Source Status

To view the status of the collected system message log data, in the navigation pane, select Status and then select the Syslog Sources tab.

The JIMS server drops syslog messages from unknown sources.

  • Click Refresh to update the information in the status fields. The syslog sources status displays a timestamp from the last refresh at the top of the screen.

Table 1 contains the field definitions for syslog source status.

Table 1: Syslog Remote Status Field Definitions



Server IP

The IPv4 address of the remote syslog source.

Source Type

The syslog event source trigger type (logon, logoff, modify).


A description of the remote syslog source.


The last state of the remote syslog source, which can be:

  • Init

  • Idle

  • Learning

  • Polling

  • Restarting

  • Shutting Down


The number of remote syslog source errors.


The number of remote syslog source requests.


The number of remote syslog source events.

Syslog events work similar to both Event Log events and User info – they tie together IP information with user or device information as an Event Log does, and ties the user to a group list.