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Troubleshooting the JIMS Event Sources

If you see Juniper Identity Management Service not receiving the event log sources:

  1. Check for correct credentials or connectivity issues.
  2. If the credentials or connectivity is correct, check filter for the following events in the Event Viewer page on the domain controller:
    • Event Id logon (4624)

    • Event Id Kerberos authentication request (4768)

    • Event Id Kerberos service request (4769)

    • Event Id Kerberos service renewed (4770)

To enable the security event logging:

  1. From the Windows Start menu, click Windows Administrative Tools and from the list of tools, select Event Viewer.

  2. On the Event Viewer page, select Action > Create Custom View.

    The Create Custom View page appears.

  3. On the Create Custom View page, select Filter tab.

  4. On the Filter tab, select Windows Logs > Security from the drop-down list of event logs and type 4624, 4768, 4769, and 4770 separating with commas in the Includes/Excludes Event IDs text field.

  5. On the Create Custom View page, click OK tab.

  6. On the Event Viewer page, in the navigation frame, expand the Windows Logs folder and select Security to see the security events in the security pane.

    If you see security events, Juniper Identity Management Service is receiving this information as well