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Full UPN User Name Support

Starting in JIMS release 1.3, SRX Series devices can get the User Principle Name (UPN) from JIMS using Pass UPN. JIMS receives the UPN from Active Directory User Info. The UPN matches the Microsoft Windows security events, syslog, and SRX Series device logins through the captive portal.

By default, JIMS continues to pass the full domain name and sAMAccountName to the SRX Series device and other clients such as CSO. When you select the new option Pass UPN, JIMS sends the domain name and includes the full UPN into the username field to the clients, if available. For example, user queries that intend to match usernames now need to match the long form domain\upnprefix@upnsuffix. Now you can use Contrail Service Orchestration (CSO) using Pass UPN as SRX Series device reports the username that contains the full UPN.

JIMS does not pass UPN properly when you enable Pass UPN in the Windows AD and there are two conflicting users such as jims-dom1.local\user1 has UPN user2@jims-dom1.local and jims-dom1.local\user2 has UPN user1@jims-dom1.local.

Navigate to Settings>General>Global Configuration and select the Pass UPN (requires JIMS restart) checkbox to enable this new feature. After selecting the Pass UPN (requires JIMS restart) checkbox, you need to restart JIMS to reset and update the state of SRX Series devices and other clients.