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SUMMARY Read this section to know about Juniper® Identity Management Service (JIMS) and its benefits.

Juniper® Identity Management Service (JIMS) is a standalone Microsoft Windows service application that enables you to define identity-aware firewall policies instead of classic IP-based firewall policies.

JIMS ensures that the users and devices can access the required resources when they move between different IP networks without the need to statically map a MAC address on a device to one or more IP addresses. JIMS uses automated updates to enable the access to resources. JIMS allows SRX firewall to automatically map ip-addresses to user or devices based on group membership, this reduces the workload on administrators and improves the end-user experience.

Benefits of JIMS

Juniper Identity Management Service (JIMS) constantly monitors Microsoft Active Directory activity to track changes related to users, devices, and groups and automatically maps these together.

  1. End-user experience—JIMS simplifies the daily end-user experience using automated correlation between end-users [username] or devices and current ip-address assignment. This ensures easy and controlled access to resources independent of the location as there is no further need to map ip-addresses to users and their devices.

  2. Reduces complexity and load—JIMS aggregates and reduces the load on your identity management system by serving as a middleware between identity management system and all your SRX devices.

  3. Reduced administrative tasks—JIMS allows administrators to control the access to firewall policies using group memberships instead of statistically defining policies based on ip-addresses or subnets. This also ensures that only authorized users and devices are granted access and restricted access is provided based on privileges. This cleans up the firewall policies without the need to continually remove old ip-address assignment to users or devices.