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What to Do Next?

  • Navigate to the Config tab and select System Profiles> Licensing from the left panel; upload your license key (obtained from your sales representative).


    SMB Lateral Detection and SSH Honeypot Detection require an Enterprise License.

  • Use the Central Manager (CM) Web UI Dashboard and Config pages to confirm traffic monitoring and detection activity. The CM updates security intelligence every 5 minutes, so you may need to wait 5 minutes to see activity at the Web UI. Refer to the Operator’s Guide for more detailed information.

  • For Email Traffic Collector deployments, refer to the Operator’s Guide for information about deploying Collectors in MSSP Tenant Zones, configuring Email Detection Enhancements, Email Threat Quarantine options, and Email Journaling.

  • Refer to the Core/CM Quick Start Guide or All-in-One Quick Start Guide for more information about installing and managing distributed Collectors.

  • Refer to the Mac Mini OS X Quick Start Guide for information about installing a Mac Mini Detection Engine.

  • Refer to the CLI Command Reference for information about Collector CLI commands.

  • Refer to the Operator’s Guide for information about all products and usage.

  • Refer to the API Guide for information about accessing and managing advanced threat detection using APIs, including processing data, device and software configuration.

  • Refer to the CEF Logging Support for SIEM Integration Guide for information about CEF logging.