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Resetting the Administrator Password using CLI


To reset the administrator password using CLI, you must have physical access to the appliance. You cannot reset the administrator password remotely.

A user with the name “recovery” can log into the appliance without a password and enter a limited amount of commands, including a command to reset the administrator password.

To recover the administrator password using CLI, do the following:

  1. When prompted to login, enter the username recovery on the appliance and press Enter.

    Since no password is required the recovery user is automatically logged into the device.

  2. Enter the reset-admin-password command to reset the password.

    The other commands available to the recovery user are: exit, help, and history.

In addition to viewing UI users in the audit logs, you can also view admin and recovery-admin CLI users in the audit logs, under Reports in the Web UI. See the Operator’s Guide for details.