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Verifying Configurations and Traffic from the Mac Mini CLI

To verify interface configurations, use the following CLI commands (refer to the CLI Command Reference Guide for more information):

Table 1: Verify interface configurations

CLI Mode & Command


JATP (diagnosis)# setupcheck all

Run a check of all system components

JATP (server)# show interface

Verify interface connectivity and status

JATP (server)# show ip <interface>

Verify traffic [example: show ip eth0]

JATP (server)# ping x.x.x.x

Ping connected devices.

JATP (server)# shutdown

Shutdown before moving a devices to a different location, or to perform server room maintenance etc


Be sure to refer to the CLI Command Reference Guide for more information.

Special characters used in CLI parameters must be enclosed in double quotation marks.


A Secondary Core will be shown as down if it has not reported to the Juniper ATP Appliance Central Manager for longer than 25 minutes (in other words, 5 reporting cycles).